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what we do:

At KRM Consulting, our first priority is to provide the necessary Risk Management, Loss Control and Inspection services across a variety of industries. At all times we will remain firm in our commitment to a proactive approach to handling client needs.

Safety Specialists: Our objective is to provide the best possible advice on how to handle your specific safety situation, wherever it may be; an amusement park, specific amusement ride, carnival, fair, festival, manufacturing facility or heavy construction site.

Incident investigation: While keeping in mind that our goal is to find the facts of the incident for the purpose of prevention in the future, should you need us after an incident or significant event, our staff will assist in investigating the incident with the purpose of uncovering all pertinent information that may have had a bearing on that incident.

An expert witness is someone possessed of special knowledge, skill, training, and education that goes beyond the level of experience of ordinary members of the public, which experience, when taken as a whole, uniquely qualifies him or her to render an opinion about matters before the Court.”

See our “Safety Notes” page for useful and timely articles on various safety issues. Information you can use today!

focus areas:

A. Incident/Accident Investigation

  • Reconstruction
  • Litigation Assistance
  • Expert Witness
  • Technical support

B. Safety Programs

  • Evaluation & Development
  • Training Videos (hundreds of topics to chose from)
  • Operational & Procedural Evaluation & Development
  • Technical assistance for manual development
  • Safety Audits

C. Training

  • Crisis Media Training
  • Spokesperson Training
  • In-House Safety Training

D. Emergency Preparedness

  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Emergency Planning
  • Technical Support

E. First-Aid Facilities

  • Development
  • Evaluation

F. Inspections

  • We are certified for Official State Amusement Ride Inspections in the following jurisdictions:
    1. Missouri
    2. Texas
    3. Virginia
    4. West Virginia

G. Speedometer Calibration

who we serve:

Amusement Parks and Ride Owners
Fairs, Festivals & Exhibitions
Hospitality Industry
Entertainment Industry
Insurance Companies
State & Local Government
Auditoriums & Arenas
Family Entertainment Centers
Construction & Manufacturing Industries